Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Week's Watch: 9/4 - 9/10

This was a poor week for me again.  As you can tell with my update regimen, I've been a little busy this past week and also feeling under the weather.  When I'm sick, I find it harder to watch anime, especially when you watch a series where you need to pay attention.  Even with a rewatch, I prefer to know where I am at as far as the plot goes.  This is the time of year where my head starts to bother me and I just feel like curling up and sleeping 36 hours a day, if you get my drift, but life and work do not smile on the sick.  Neither does anime, for that matter.  I glutted myself on anime last week with the anime-versary, but just was not up to watching much this week.  I do watch an online series which I would like to share with you today, though.

Most people probably remember the Pokemon anime more fondly than they remember. Like anything you enjoyed as a kid, when you rewatch something, it sometimes doesn't resonate as much over time.  Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I love that show and it was a major part of my childhood, but it seems a tad bit over the top to my adult self.  However, Pokemon was infamous for its 4kids dub, sometimes overstepping its bounds a bit too much.  One web series is out to point out the errors and logical mistakes of the series, and it is called WTF, Pokemon.  Every Saturday hosts Youko and Swordhunter break down an episode into what is called the "bottom 5" ranging from the picky to the blatantly obvious errors of the show.  It's both hilarious and informative of the changes from the video game, to the anime, to the english dub.  Check it out right now on or youtube!

What did you watch the last week?

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