About the Author

Hello there, or howdy based on your greeting technique.  I am the Allengator, author, navigator, and all-around good geek that is the founder of this blogging site.  If you want to know my real name...well, it's in my freaking nick name.  Just add a "C." to the end of it and you have my name to the fullest extent that I am comfortable sharing on these Interwebs.

I am 25, a computer programmer/website developer for a small company that works with non-profit organizations, and lover of many things, including but not limited to anime, manga, video games, marathoning television shows on DVD, music (mostly rock, j-pop, hair metal, and big band jazz), cats, extreme surfing (the Internet), and Internet memes.  For all you ladies out there, I am single and ready for a dorkette to complete my life.  I also have an appreciation of 20th century history, religion, and trying to make the most epic lemonade ever.  In real life, I am more quiet if you don't know me, or obnoxiously loud if you do know me.  I really am a non-complicated person and it doesn't take much to fascinate me.

As far as my anime background is concerned, I have been into anime since about 2008, but the first memorable anime that I watched was way back when there was an entity called "Fox Kids" on network television.  The show was called Digimon and it was epic back in the day to a kid's eyes.  This, of course, was taking advantage of another huge anime/video game franchise called Pokemon, which I collected VHS tapes of and was only three away from owning the entire indigo league.  Suddenly, anime seemed "uncool" and I shunned it until I got into college and "discovered myself", and found out that I was a major geek.

During this time I took in more video games and ran across a highly-recommended gem called Elite Beat Agents.  My obsession with that game drove me to buy the Japanese counterparts called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! which I played enough to ruin one of the cartridges.  After that, I decided to post about Japanese stuff one day on my blog and it got me to thinking "What else comes out of Japan.  Oh yeah!  That anime stuff."  So I posted a video (I screened all videos I posted on there for safe eyes) and got sucked into an anime called School Rumble.

That is when all caution was blown to the wind, I wanted to watch other series like School Rumble, I wanted to see the ones people were raving about, and soon, I amassed a collection that took up an entire bookcase.  After that, I haven't looked back.  I got tired of blogging on a site that has been prone to hacks and found myself in a blogging rut, so I decided to start a blog solely dedicated to anime, and here we are.

The anime I prefer would be comedy primarily.  I also enjoy slice-of-life, some action, and light sci-fi series.  I mainly watch dubbed anime unless a subbed series demands my attention.  I have high respect for dubbing companies and feel they should be supported in a time of high piracy in a bad economy.  Other then that, every early September, usually the first week, I celebrate what I call my anime-versary in which I will spend most of the week watching anime including the one that started my obsession, School Rumble.

If you truly want to know more about myself, please visit my personal blog for more insight into my mind.  It is a dark, but interesting place full of magic and whimsy.  In fact, I think a couple of midgets are frolicking in the grassy knoll that is my brain most of the time.

More to come soon?