Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Week's Watch: 9/25 - 10/1

This past week I decided to check out some new shows since my list of upcoming releases that I want is quite short.  I wanted to see if any new shows were worth checking out.  I checked out Heaven's Lost Property, but that show was a bit to ecchi for my taste.  I also got the first part to Squid Girl and enjoyed it.  However, I checked out another series that I now have a new interest in.

At first, I thought Natsu (Pink hair, on left) was a girl. My bad.
Fairy Tail is a genre I don't care for, which is magical adventure.  The series sounds like the basic plot to every MMORPG ever.  There are wizards and they all belong to various guilds.  These guilds are where wizards share info and get jobs that will give them money.  So yeah.  It's like every MMORPG ever.  While the plot isn't the most engaging (at least as far as I have gone), the episodes are actually quite fun.  You have Natsu, the fire-breathing dragon human thingy who gets motion sickness, Lucy, the new girl who uses keys to unlock guardians that help her, and happy, the flying cat who says "Aye" a lot.  The episodes have a nice blend between action, humor, and intrigue that makes me want to see what's around the corner.  I have seen the first five episodes and ordered the first two parts on DVD, so if that isn't a sign that I have hopes for this series, then nothing does.

So what good stuff did you check out this week?  Comment below and let us know!

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