Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going to A2F

So I will be going to the Arkansas Anime Festival (Hereto after known as A2F) this weekend. I'll be at the event Friday and Saturday and will be hanging out with some friends and going to some panels. I'm looking over the schedules now and am making an attack plan. If you're there, give me a shout here or on Twitter and perhaps a meet up could be arranged. I will be sure to give you as full of a report as soon as I can.
This is one of the few images from the A2F website.  A fox boy groping a feminine pocky-loving elf?

Also, I am planning on attending Tokyo in Tulsa in July and Motaku in August this year.  I'm finally trying to get out and socialize more.  Now if I could only get that local club to work out.

I'm also watching Okamisan and Her Seven Companions and if I can get the time, I will post a review.  The next few days will be busy, so we'll see what pans out.  Hopefully pics and stories to follow!

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