Monday, January 21, 2013

Plans for 2013

Believe it or not, I'm typing this entry up over a number of days.With 2012 gone and 2013 beginning, this means that we should evaluate our lives and take stock in things we need to improve on and do those things to make ourselves better people. At least that is what most people do. I don't fall into the category of people who do New Years resolutions or anything to that effect. Life is a continual improvement process and we should take every opportunity and not just because the calendar happens to roll around to another year.That being said, one thing I do is I think about things I am going to look forward to this year. Last year was filled with some surprises, like me deciding to break out of my shell and visit honest to goodness anime cons, even outside my home state. Another surprise was a convention happening locally (I'll need to blog about it....yeah...). So I can never guess what will happen in a year, but I do know some things I will be participating in. So without further adieu, here are my plans, both in RL and anime I plan to watch.

I started this entry in January...sad :(

- Going to at least a couple of cons this year. I am planning on going back to Tokyo in Tulsa, and one other one at least. I'll be skipping Arkansas Anime Festival this year because a different con, one that isn't exclusive to anime, is going on and it may be my one chance to meet some actors, so that will be going on instead.

- I have a huge backlog of anime to watch, including A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, C - Control, and...ugh...K-ON!! Also, Digimon series 2 and 3 are being released this year.

- As far as new stuff, I'm going to watch Sword Art Online and Maoyu. Others may be worth watching. Who knows?

- I'm planning on getting a figure this year. We'll see how that goes.

And those are just a summary of my plans this year. It may not sound like much to the typical anime fan, but given my other interests and free time, this will keep me busy for a while.

Also, I want to talk about the future of this blog. Obviously I'm having a bad time updating this guy. The main reason is because I got out of practice, lack of free time, and I hate typing after work. So things will be slightly different from here on out. Until I have better motivation to update this thing with words I type, I'm going to use words I say. That's right, I'm going to start uploading audio files to this blog! I used to do this on my old blog, so I'm going to need some time to relearn how to talk on my computer and also find a better audio player. I'm hoping, not promising, that this will allow me to update this blog more often. I can't tell you when this will start, but keep an eye on this blog over the next month for updates!

So that's it, my plans fo 2013. I hope you are planning an awesome year as well. See you guys later!


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