Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quick Review of 2014 and 2015 Thus Far

Yup. Was gone again. Yup. Same excuses. Here is a little what happened.

Honestly, anime took a bit of a back seat in the past year. I think for people that have hobbies, this will happen sometimes. I hit the video gaming scene much more than anime, getting more into collecting, importing games, and looking for some rare, fun games to play. I don't know what happened, but I lost some interest in anime. Maybe it was because of some lack luster seasons. I'm looking at my hummingbird feed (Someone needs to fix those scrobblers *insert disappointed emoticon here*) and not much is registered on it. I know I definitely watched some things, but it has been a pretty quiet year.

Last spring I went to the Anime Central convention which is easily the biggest one I've ever been to. I went with some friends and it was a great time. I saw a ton of interesting things, went to some actual industry panels, and also got to check out the awesomeness that is Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery store with a food court and other smaller stores inside. If you ever get a chance to go near one, you should do so!

I recently got a PS Vita. Why is that special, you ask? Because of the wealth of JRPGs on the system. I have not been big into the genre, but there are some titles that did pique my interest. I finally got to experience Persona 4 which a lot of people have raved about. You can now count me in for people that are excited for Persona 5 coming out this year.

My weekly group has also continued to meet which has been a positive note in my life. We have moved more towards gaming more than anime, but its a lot of fun hanging with people that have the same interests as myself in a local scope. 

Shameless self promotion

We recently started a website and forum, so if you or someone you know lives in the southwest portion of Missouri, in or near the Springfield area, please come visit us at our site or talk with us on our forum.

End shameless self promotion

This year so far has been a quiet one. I did start collecting some trading cards based on anime series so...that's a thing. My figure collection is growing, which is again a thing.

I've not been abusing Crunchyroll enough, but I'm hoping to change that since there is really nothing I care to watch on TV nowadays. Assuming I get the gumption to, I'll make a post of the series I've watched so far for this spring. Its up to...I think 7 or 8 series, some I'm sure I'll end up dropping, but that is more than what I watched the past few seasons. I also found a couple from the last couple of years worth watching as well, so things are looking up.

I'm not going to claim to be making a return to blogging. That will blow up in my face. I have plans to update the freaking banner again and hopefully do a Spring 2015 roundup post. Plans. Please forgive me (T.T)

Finally, how freaking cool is it that we're getting 3 cours of the second Durarara series. 24-ish more episodes to go. So glad it is getting the sequel is aptly deserves.

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