Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anime-zing Blog’s Review Criteria

Perhaps I should have posted this before I posted the first review, but alas, I was not thinking at the time.  Maybe I belong in class F…

Anyways, I will frequently be adding reviews to this blog of various series and movies that I watch.

I can’t guarantee that this will be every week or even every month, but I will try my best to keep my reviews both professional, spoiler-free, and entertaining.  For instance, I’m planning on doing one for Durarara soon, and if I spill the beans on major plot twists then I would be effectively ruining the series for the Adult Swim viewers out there.
I know the password AND leader and you don't!
 My reviews will be simple, hopefully get someone interested in a series or movie, and will also provide helpful information for people who may or may not want to check it out.  I have broken down each review what I call a “Series Gradecard” which is exactly what it sounds like.  I grade individual aspects of the anime I am reviewing then I give my overall grade for the series.  So let me break down each aspect for you:

Characters – Does the series use the characters it has set up well?  Is there any character growth in the series?  Do the characters help fulfill the endgame of the anime?  Are they original, or do they follow some kind of trope?  Would furries like them?  (Fine, not like that last one so much)

Story – Is the story gripping?  Is the story original?  Does the series follow one plot point, or several?  Are there story arcs?  What part of the series plot sets it apart from other series?  Are monkeys involved? (Again, maybe not so much that last one)

Animation – Is the animation detailed?  Is it full of moe-blobs?  Does the title have a distinctive visual aspect?  Are the characters more realistic, or more animated?  Would a picture book have more action than the animation itself?  Is the animation fluid, or does it seem disjointed?  Is the series one style, or many styles?  Is the animation culturally sensitive to bearded midgets? ( A m00se bit me uncle one time)

Music – How are the opening and closing songs?  What style is the background music?  Is there a desire to track down a copy of the BGM album?  If the series involves Amercian voice actors singing, is it any good?  Does Vocaloid have anything to do with the series? (Maybe a nice dinner at Mickey Donalds is in order)

Rewatchability – Yes, I am so awesome that I have created a word just for this blog!  Is there a desire to rewatch the series soon?  Is there a point to rewatch it?  Does the story give you incentive to watch it again?  Do I need to fire the person writing in-between the parenthesis? (No, I have a wife and kids to feed)

Overall Grade – How do I feel about the series or movie as a whole?  I know it can be confusing sometimes, to give a review individual grades of C’s and B’s and give it an A overall, or an F. I basically rank the series I have on my shelves, the ones closest to the top left are my favorites, and the further you go, the less I feel of the series.  So how does it stack up against the rest of my collection? (I am epicness personified!)

Recommendations – What series, American or anime, would people like to pursue after watching this series, or inversely, which fans of other anime should check this title out? (You should check out PVC pipe instrument on Youtube.  That kid is amazing!)

So that is the breakdown of my breakdown.  Remember, the reviews are really just my opinion, but I think that I have seen enough series to be able to discern which ones are good and which ones are not so much good.  If you disagree with them, let me know!  If you think the series is better or worse than my appraisal, then comment and stick up or smack down the series or movie that is in the review.  I hope this gives you some insight with how I review series.

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