Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poll of the Week: Anime Cons and Announcements

This week's question is about anime companies and announcements at conventions.  This is convention season with the big three cons out there for anime fans, Anime Expo, Comic Con, and Otakon.  Usually these are the conventions that licensors bring their big guns, their "big news of the year" sort of stuff, but I feel that most anime companies have really dropped the ball this year.

We get it, anime is a niche market and the economy is bad, but as someone who isn't a fan of Dragon Ball (I know, blasphemy!), if your only major announcement is "Blu-Ray for a series that has been remastered more times then we can count on one hand", then I can't help but feel a bit abandoned.  I think all companies have been dropping the ball this year as I have yet to be excited about any of the announcements that have been out as of late, with the exception of the dubbing of Madoka Magica, possibly.  So here is the question:  Do you think companies are bringing their A-game to conventions anymore or are they just announcing titles nilly willy? 

Personally, I feel this has been a real lackluster year for conventions.  I remember staying up last year for the Funimation panel at Anime Expo and cheering out loud some of the announcements (Like the Geneon sweep), but this year it just seemed to lack.  I know I felt the same about E3.  Some years are epic, and some are just not as good.  Is anime the same to you?

Go poll and discuss below!

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