Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Week's Watch: 7/24 - 7/30

Anime watching is difficult for me to get to some weeks, and this was no exception, so I just watched a few episodes of:

Yeah...What was I thinking?

Here is the backstory in a nutshell.  I never watched the Pokemon series outside of the Indigo League episodes, so I thought I would remedy that by trying to power through all the way to Johto.  My guess on what happened is this:

Anime Director: Ok, so we've ran out of episodes for the Indigo League.  Are the next Pokemon games ready?

Nintendo or someone: No.

Anime Director: Well, can you give us an idea of what the game is about so we can make some episodes?

Nintendo of someone: No.

Anime Director: Well, can we just air repeats until the games are released?

TV Producer: No, we need the money that the series brings in.  Just make some new episodes.

Anime Director: Hmm....How about we make up our own league?  Yeah!  And maybe the league can be more about the Pokemon doing random events instead of fighting all the time, because people do other things in Pokemon besides battle, right?

So there we have it, an entire league of filler episodes, replacing one of the main characters (Brock) with a stupid, Oak man-crush wuss (Also known as...Tracey....*Shudder*).  The gym battles are more like gym inconveniences.  There really isn't a good or even evident traditional battle until about 10 episodes in.  This series  does not take in to consideration the source material at all and what we get are a group of mediocre episodes that fail to impress the kid inside of me.  But hey, at least I can move on to Johto, right?  Those episodes have to be better, right?  Anyone?

So I hope your weekly anime viewing was better than mine.  What did you catch this past week?

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