Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Art-Story Connection

The anime I watch could be considered mostly moe-styled animation.  I look at my anime shelf (I sleep next to it every night) and a good portion would be the stylistic type usually done by Kyoto Animation, Key, or various other studios.  However, for me, it simply takes more than good art to get me interested.

Story matters too, and the ones I have liked the most I have cared more about the story.  However, story alone isn't good enough for me too.  I know that sounds backwards, but I need the show to be visually appealing in order for me to get interested.  If the characters are in the uncanny valley (which has made me lose interest in most American animation since it is so heavily CG now) it makes it impossible to enjoy the story properly. 

For me, the series needs both visual pleasure and story pleasure to be fully appreciated.  It is like an interviewee, it doesn't matter if they are the most qualified person in the world, if they come in dressed in pajamas or something distracting, they are not getting the job.  On the flip side, you can have the best looking interviewee in the world, supermodel looks, but if they are a culinary person and the position is for a physical therapist, then they are not getting the job either.  For me, anime is the same, both the story and art needs to prove that it is worth my attention.

How about you?  Do you care more about story?  Do you need a nice mix?  Are you more into art?  Discuss below!

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