Monday, August 15, 2011

State of the Anime-zing Blog

If you're a person who adores patterns, you would think today's entry would be another review (it has been happening every other Monday so far), but I have a confession to make: I haven't had enough free time to type up a full review.  I'm also losing sleep and there is some illness going around here, so I do need to catch up on sleep.  Anyways, this post is about my eventual plans for this blog.

Unlike most bloggers on the Internet, I have a relatively demanding job that has been requesting more of a presence of me lately despite my objections (I pretty much loathe my current line of work).  I also have other real life obligations like spending time with family and traveling to non-distant cities.  I've also not had as much free time to dedicate to anime the past couple weeks as much as I would like to, and I don't spend 100% of my free time with just anime.  Maybe 85% would be a more accurate count.  I'm a huge fan of anime, and I don't want to just halfway do a blog entry every day which is what I am forced to do with a daily schedule that I have been using to update this site.

My original plan was to just post maybe 3 to 4 times a week and leave it at that, but I also love blogging a lot.  Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a single comment on here and no one has participated in the polls no matter how much advertising I do.  I know it takes time and awesome content to get people here, so I've been focusing on quantity the past few weeks on here.  I've put in a lot of time on this site and I have loved it!  Once I do get the audience and responses I get, I will do everything in my power to resume daily posting, if not more.  I want that so badly.  I've had a lot of fun sharing my anime hobby with the Internet public and I will continue to do so.  Now that I've almost got 30 entries on here, I think the dailyness will stop unless life takes an unexpected turn or I get popular crazy fast.  Maybe both will happen.  Maybe neither.  We'll see.

So please comment and share this awesomeness with other people.  I want dialog on here and I will respond as much as I can.  I will keep posting on here as much as I can, but if I miss a day here or there please don't shoot me!  Again, content will be several times a week still, but it just may not be daily.  Sign up for RSS or some other method, or follow me on Twitter on the right side and I will usually post when an entry is up.

So have a nice day and help an anime fan out!  Thanks for reading!

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