Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Week's Watch: 8/7 - 8/13

I got some new anime this week while working on my rewatch of another series, so that got put off since I have already seen it and went for the new stuff.  I did get my copy of Haruhi-chan Part 2, but the one series I choose to feature this week is:

I would put this series into my top ten easily, if not top five!

Today I am not going to go into the slight controversy the English dub has caused in the online community, but just simply profess my love for this series (I could probably make a week's worth of entries about Sgt. Frog alone).  Funimation does a great job with the writing, even if it isn't 100% translated.  I mean I have respect for people who can make jokes and pop culture references like they do in Sgt. Frog.  It took them a year and a half to get "Season 3: Part 1" out, but by the end of season two you could tell the writing was slipping a little and the pause got the writers recharged and given the series another fresh start in the states.  Adult Swim, Nick Toons, Disney XD, other cartoon networks, hear my plea.  PLEASE PUT THIS SHOW ON AMERICAN TV.  It is very good and deserves a proper television debut.  I also think the popularity and the merchandise potential of the series would be good as well.  Please consider it!

Now that you know my mad love for this series, what did you watch this week?  How do you feel about the adaptation or the series of Sgt. Frog as a whole?

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